Its hard to believe we are just a tiny spec in the galaxy. How can you not be inspired by looking at something so enormous. A huge amount of of my inspiration comes from my travels and this one in particular is inspired by nights spent in the Australian outback looking up and admiring the beauty of the uniterrupted night sky. I wanted to create a collection that no two pieces would ever look exactly the same just like each time you look to the stars.


I orginally thought about making this necklace with all of the different colours of the planets, I then realised there was a lot of brown planets and quickly decided to keep it in the galaxy style. So much more interesting.


Jewellery is made from sterling silver and resin - Please store out of direct sunlight.


Please note: STOP. Jewellery is all handmade and therefore no two pieces are ever the same, images used on website will differ ever so slightly from item purchased. Please contact if you want an exact image of jewellery item at time of purchase :)

Intergalactic Multi Necklace