Who doesn't like a hidden surprise. This collection actually glows under UV lights! It is absolutely perfect for concerts, festivals and raves. But it's not just made to be worn under UV. This jewellery is also made so that the colours are super bright in the daylight too. If you're a fun bubbly person that likes bold and bright jewellery this is the collection for you. 


This pendant has a retro style but are perfect for the modern world. 


Pendant comes on an 18" sterling silver chain.


Made from sterling silver and resin - Please store out of direct sunlight.


Please note: STOP. Jewellery is all handmade and therefore no two pieces are ever the same, images used on website will differ ever so slightly from item purchased. Please contact if you want an exact image of jewellery item at time of purchase :)

Neon Rectangle Pendant

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